• Red Shoes, stories about greed, bedtime stories for kids with moral lessons
Red Shoes, stories about greed, bedtime stories for kids with moral lessons

The Red Shoes

In this classic fairytale of The Red Shoes, Karen finds herself living in poor conditions with her mom. The mother had no money and that meant Karen had no shoes to speak of. Only a pair of wooden shoes that didn’t fit the little girl at all. Her mother had fallen ill and asked Karen to go to town and bring back some medicine. The Red Shoes that Karen finds will prove to not be so magical after all.

Does this little girl obey her mother?

Little Karen had no bad intentions. In fact, she walked down the pebbled lane even though those wooden shoes were causing her pain. Something happened along the way. Magically, out of nowhere, a pair of shiny red slippers appeared in the middle of the path. Karen was overcome with excitement about finding the red shoes. She seemed to forget her mother needed care more now than ever before. Putting on the red shoes was like slipping into a cotton candy cloud for feet! Karen walked into town to get the medicine and walked back home. Those red shoes were a walking miracle, she thought. Did she obey her mom? Yes, she did obey, but while doing so, she got distracted by what the matter at hand was. Getting home to the sick mother with no distractions.

The Red Shoes, Ruby’s Storytime Animated Short Video, Now On YouTube

Be sure to watch the FREE short video and see what you believe the moral of this story is. Fairytales are fun like that! Sometimes, the moral is clear. Other times, the moral can be something different than what others believe it to be. Sit down with your child and discuss what positive message can be learned from this story, The Red Shoes.

Does The Red Shoes fairytale have a happy ending?

Ahhh yes. It does! Karen realizes the importance of not getting distracted when doing something important. She also understands how crucial it is, to be honest, and it never pays to lie and deceive others.

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