The Selfish Giant Fairytale, Ruby’s Storytime

  • bedtime story of the selfish giant
bedtime story of the selfish giant

The Selfish Giant Fairytale, Ruby’s Storytime

by Oscar Wilde

Retold by Ruby from Ruby’s Storytime

A story within a story

Oscar Wilde was only 46 years old when he died. What in the world happened?

The writer of “The Selfish Giant,” a timeless classic fairy tale story, fought a terrible ear- infection. The infection developed into meningitis, and it eventually killed him. What a tragedy. A man of many talents. You should read about him. All kinds of details about his life can be found in the library, in bookstores, and on the internet.

What is “The Selfish Giant” about?

Do we ever have a treat for you and the whole family? This fairytale includes children playing in the garden, a castle, big bad wolves, a selfish giant, and much more. This giant was so selfish. Wherever he walked, his negative & greedy behavior spewed out like a poisonous snake spits out its venom.

In this animated 3-D short film, lots of exciting turns take place. You will need to watch till the end to find out if the selfish giant ever learns his lesson. It’s FREE to watch on our YouTube Channel. We at Family Roberto have a vision; to bring back the oldies but goodies (stories, that is) to kids and people of all ages. There are so many lessons we can learn when we bring back timeless classics of American literature.

What is the moral of the story?

Well, the title kind of speaks for itself, don’t you think? We would bet a pretty penny; a small child could tell you what the lesson is in this fable. Kids these days are super smart! We encourage you to watch this with the entire family. It’s funny yet sad. A few scary moments but also a sensitive fuzzy feel. This favorite children’s story is good for just about any occasion. Bedtime, family time, reading time, nap time, or whatever time.

The Selfish Giant, retold by Ruby, has all the feels. We’ve even included some bloopers at the end, and who doesn’t like bloopers?

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