Three Little Pigs Easter Egg Hunt Video

Three Little Pigs Easter Egg Hunt Video

The three Little Pigs Easter Egg Hunt Video is exciting for little ones as the piggies chase through a maze.

The three little pigs are on their way to the annual Easter egg hunt at the library. Are they ever in for a shock who they encounter on the way to the hunt?

Will The Big Bad Wolf Decide To Play Nice?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of a wolf playing nice. This bad wolf is up to his sneaky tricks again as he disguises himself as the manager of the library. He claims he’s hosting the Easter egg hunt.

What Does The Big Bad Wolf Do?

If you watch and listen to this free YouTube video, you will hear and see the big bad wolf being sneaky. Hiding behind trees and scaring each little piggy. Then, the three little pigs do indeed hunt those eggs but not without a chase!

Have You Ever Been On An Easter Egg Hunt?

The little piggies thought they would be participating in a simple Easter egg hunt. Little did they know, they were the ones being hunted by the big bad wolf! We hope your egg hunt doesn’t involve any sneaky wolves!

Three Little Pigs Easter Hunt Video Is Loads Of Fun

The Family Roberto Team is hard at work, creating kids’ content appropriate for little ones. Although it may sound a little scary having a wolf chase the little piggies, it really is quite harmless. As you watch with your children, we hope you smile, laugh, & give cuddles when you see that it never pays off for the wolf.

Ruby Loves Telling Stories

Yes, she does. Ruby has collected many books over the years and isn’t known to ever get rid of any. Her library is filled with classic stories, fairytales, folktales, and more!

What Will You Find This Easter?

You might not spot the three little pigs this Easter on their Easter Hunt, and that’s ok. So, we hope more than anything YOU find lots of eggs and stay close to those you love and to those who love you. Happy Easter!