Three Little Pigs Went To School

  • three little pigs went to school
three little pigs went to school

Three Little Pigs Went To School

Three Little Pigs love to learn!

The three little pigs are on their way to the bus stop. It’s a school day for the piggies, and are they ever eager to learn? It just so happens to be teacher appreciation day, and the three little pigs are eager to thank the teacher.

The Big Bad Wolf is up to his tricks again

This big bad wolf pretends as though he is the bus driver and tries to convince the piggies to get on the bus. Ruby sees he’s up to no good and refuses to let the wolf drive the bus

What Does The Big Bad Wolf Do?

If you watch and listen to this free YouTube video, you will hear and see the big bad wolf being sneaky. Hiding behind trees and scaring each little piggy. The three little pigs do indeed get to school safely but not without a chase!

Have You Ever Been On A School Bus?

Some children ride the bus to school, walk, ride their bikes, or their parents might take them to school. We like school buses as long as a big bad wolf isn’t driving!

The three Little Pigs Went To School Video Is Loads Of Fun

The Family Roberto Team is hard at work creating kids’ content appropriate for little ones. Although it may sound a little scary having a wolf chase the little piggies, it really is quite harmless. As you watch with your children, we hope you smile, laugh, & give cuddles when you see that it never pays off for the wolf.

Maybe You Go To School At Home

That’s right. Some kids are home-schooled, and that’s pretty cool too! Wherever you are, whether it be a school or in your living room, as long as you are learning, that’s what’s most important.

Do You Appreciate Your Teacher?

Sometimes it’s hard to be thankful about going to school. Yeah, we get it! But isn’t it great to have teachers? We can always be thankful for that special teacher who takes the time to teach us important lessons. Just make sure the teacher isn’t a wolf!