Three Little Pigs Went To The Market Video

Three Little Pigs Went To The Market Video

Ruby’s Storytime, The Three Little Pigs Went To The Market

Do You Remember The Little Piggy Went To The Market Nursery Rhyme?

This little piggy went to the market. This little piggy stayed home and so on.

Where Do The Little Pigs Go?

In this short YouTube kids’ video of The three little pigs, went to the market, vibrant colors, playful music, and adventure are what’s in store for your little one. The mommy pig asks each pig to go to the market and bring back some kitchen items. Bread, cheese, eggs, and milk. Can you guess who get’s in the way? You’re right! The big bad wolf!

What Does The Big Bad Wolf Do when the three little pigs go to the market?

If you watch and listen to this free YouTube video, you will hear and see the big bad wolf being sneaky. Hiding behind trees and scaring each little piggy. The wolf chases the cute piggies one by one, all the way home but stops when he sees the sign above the piggies’ home. This big bad wolf may be ugly and mean, but he knows how to read as he obeys what the sign says.

What Does The Sign Say on the three little pigs’ house?

You may be wondering what the sign says, and we here at Family Roberto Productions have decided not to tell ya! We don’t want to be the ones to “spoil” the fun. So, grab your little ones and watch now. It’s free and fun to watch with young children!

Do You Have A Favorite Nursery Rhyme?

The Family Roberto Team is hard at work, creating kids’ content appropriate for little ones. This little piggy that went to the market was my favorite nursery rhyme as a youngster. When I grew up and became a mommy, my daughter, and I would play this game with her little toes too! So, we came up with an original story based on this favorite nursery rhyme.

Ruby Loves Telling Stories

Yes, she does. Ruby has collected many books over the years and isn’t known to ever get rid of any. Her library is filled with classic stories, fairytales, folktales, and more! When not in her library, Ruby enjoys traveling in her camper, looking for fun places to stop. Rest assured though, she always has a book or two in her camper ready to tell stories anytime.