Three Little Pigs Win American Idol

  • three little pigs goes to idol competition

Three Little Pigs Win American Idol

Three Little Pigs Love To Dance

The World Wide Idols Competition is up, and the three little pigs are ready to win with their great dance moves. It’s a new day for the piggies, and they are headed to the competition alongside Ruby to show the dance number they have been preparing. But the big bad wolf is at it again!!! So will the piggies win the competition? Let’s find out.

The Big Bad Wolf is plotting against the Piggies

As the three little pigs head to the World Wide Idol Competition, Ruby spots the wolf sneaking up. Well, we all know the big bad wolf is always up to something. Especially when it comes to the three little pigs. And weirdly enough, the wolf also starts following the three little pigs to the competition. Oh No!!! The competition is very important for the piggies, and they have been choreographing their numbers for days. Plus, we’ve heard that the judge is very strict.

What Did The Big Bad Wolf Do?

If you watch and groove to this free YouTube video, you will spot the big bad wolf trying to hijack their three little pigs’ performance. First, he hid behind trees, and then he landed on the dance floor and invaded the piggies’ dance number. That too, when the three little pigs were right in front of the judges.

Have You Ever Been To An Idol Competition?

These days there are so many competitions happening. Ranging from athletic, intelligence, and creative competitions to singing, dancing, and idol competitions. Some children enjoy taking part in competitions as it provides them with an opportunity to test their skills and have fun too on the side.

The Three Little Pigs Went To School Video Is Loads Of Joy

The Family Roberto Team is hard at work creating kids’ content appropriate for little ones. Although it may sound a little scary having a wolf plotting to spoil the little piggies’ performance, it really is quite harmless. As you watch with your children, we hope you smile, laugh, & dance together when you see that it never pays off for the wolf.

Hard Work Always Pays off

While the video is all fun and groovy, there are a few hidden lessons for the children to learn. At Family Roberto, we aim to teach core values and important social aspects to children, like kindness, persistence, confidence, and hard work. Yes, that’s right! So while the kids enjoy the dance moves of three little pigs, they kids also see how important is it to trust yourself, have confidence, and work hard, that’s what’s most important.