The Tale of an Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe

Old Woman Living in a Shoe Cartoon

Joseph Martin Kronheim was a German lithographer and wood engraver who illustrated children’s picture books including My First Picture Book, Printed in colors by Kronheim (1875), and came up with the fairytale of an old woman who lived in a shoe.

Ruby from Ruby’s Storytime retells this story and it is brought to life in 3-D Animation. We at Family Roberto Kids Channel strive to bring kids, families, and even older folks… colorful, imaginative, and entertaining videos.  Most of our content has original musical scores.  In this exciting story, the big giant sings “I am a great big giant.  I live in the forest and I am the king of the castle.  The world is mine; I am a great big giant.  I don’t care who I hurt”.  The giant sounds like he has a black heart, but stick with us till the end….He may have a changed heart.

Here’s what we think

As creators of great kid’s entertainment, we at Family Roberto believe there is a lesson to be learned in every story and this fairy tale has a valuable lesson for all of us!  Establishing boundaries!  Little children can start at an early age.  If someone is thoughtless and doesn’t respect you and/or your property (in this case, the family’s shoe), YOU have the right to stand up for yourself.  This little family confronted the great big giant and told him he was acting thoughtless and wasn’t respecting their property!

Let’s begin the story of an old lady who lived in a shoe

Once upon a time, there was a little old lady who lived in a shoe.  The shoe stood near a great big forest, and it was such a big shoe that it served as a house for the little old lady and all of her children.  She had so many children she didn’t know what to do! she would occasionally lose track of them and sometimes even forget their names.  Do you have any brothers or sisters?  That’s wonderful to hear!  Well…the little old woman adored her children.  All 6 of them!  “Make your beds and get dressed, come outside and line up and I will tell you what we have to do for the day, said the mom.

The children brushed their teeth, got dressed, made their beds, and lined up outside.

Strong Arm, the oldest boy lined up and said “I’m ready mom, what do I need to do today”

Let’s have you cut down a few trees so we can have some firewood

Peter, the middle child lined up “What about me mom?  What would you like me to do”?

Let’s have you make some baskets of wicker-work

Then we have Mark, “Mark, let’s have you do a little gardening and pick some squash from the garden

Then we have  Jenny,  “What shall I do mommy”?

Let’s have you make some bread for us to eat tonight, as Jenny was very good at baking.

And lastly, the adorable young twins; Timmy and Jimmy. Their job was to keep an eye out for any danger coming nearby.

Now, I bet you are wondering why in the world this little family is living in a big shoe out in the forest, right?  Let me tell you what happened.

The little old woman, her husband Steven, and their 6 children used to live in a cottage covered with ivy out in the woods.  They were very happy there, but they always knew that there was a danger not too far away from them.

A few miles away there lived a huge castle, and can you guess who lived in this castle?  You’re right, a great big fierce ugly giant who one day was trampling through the forest, every step he would take, he would knock down trees and not even know he was doing it, nor did he care what he destroyed, he was a giant that never looked out for anyone but himself.

Little song:  I am a great big giant, I live in a castle and I’m the king of the forest, I am a great big giant.  The world is mine and I don’t care who I hurt.

Well…. Sure enough, the giant trampled and destroyed the old woman’s charming little home.  Crushed it into small little pieces. 


The little old woman and her family were not in the house, they were on a boat out at the lake enjoying the day fishing and had no idea what lie in store for them when they return home.

Let’s get home so we can fry up some fish and have a wonderful dinner!  Jenny has made some bread, Peter has made a beautiful basket to put the fish in, Mark has picked some fresh squash and strong arm has gathered wood for the fire.  Tonight’s dinner is going to be wonderful, said the little old lady.

Let’s get home my dear, I can hardly wait for the delicious meal, said the husband.

The family arrives home to a house that was destroyed and in its place was a big giant…..SHOE!

The family decided that they would make something good out of something bad.  They worked together and made the shoe their home.  They didn’t get discouraged even though they lost their home.

If we work together, we can make this shoe something amazing!   Strong arm cut some trees down and made a roof for the shoe as well as a front door!  The other children pitched in with their chores and before you know, it the house was beautiful, even though it once belonged to the big, fierce giant.

But that’s not the end of the story. 

The old woman’s family was visited by a fairy who told them the giant was furious about losing his shoe and he was coming out to the forest to look for it very soon.  This made the family very frustrated and worried as they didn’t want to lose the shoe that they made into a home.

“Children, let’s put on our armor and go to the castle and tell him once and for all to stop stomping around in the forest and to leave his shoe to us, the shoe is our home now,” said the father.

So the children and the father suit up and off they go in a line like an army to confront this ferocious giant, once and for all.

Knock knock knock on the castle door and the big giant answers the door.  Who’s there?  Who’s there?! Screamed the giant!  As he didn’t see the family standing at his feet.

The family quickly pulled out all the stones they had and started throwing them at the giants’ knees.  Ouch ouch ouch, screamed the giant.  He looked down and saw the family and let out a giant roar!!!

I’m going to destroy you and as he took one step, the family had used rope to hold steady in a line, and wouldn’t ya know it?  The giant tripped and fell flat on his tummy.

Leave us alone and let us live in peace! Cried the children.

And at that very moment, the giant suddenly felt changed.  Maybe he needed a little scolding after all.

You are right little family.  Go and live in peace.  I will travel no more to the forest trampling on trees and destroying nature and ….you may live in my shoe….forever.

And from that moment on, the little old woman, her husband, and all her lovely children lived in the shoe and enjoyed every day in the forest.

The End

Thank you for joining us here on family Roberto.  I hope you enjoyed the story.  And remember, always try to make something good out of something not so good.  Like the little old lady who lived in the shoe.

Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to take my shoes off, grab a cup of tea and relax for the rest of the day.  Take care, my friends, bye for now.

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