• lets go to mars songs
lets go to mars songs

Let’s Go to Mars

Adventures for kids

There’s always an adventure in Reagan’s Room. Today, Reagan visits with her pet frog, Freddy. They chat about how busy they have been.

Freddy the frog talks about how he spent the day doing laundry, crocheting a sweater for his nephew, and went for a swim. It was a busy day, according to Freddy the frog.

Anthropomorphism. That’s a really big word. It basically means when we write about an animal as though it is human. Talking, doing laundry, crocheting a sweater. teeheee.

Reagan had a busy day too! She went to the grocery store with her mom, walked her neighbor’s dog, and helped her best friend, Keesha, operate and manage the lemonade stand.

Jay the bluebird described to his friends that his day was hectic as well. He had to go to trumpet lessons, helped his neighbor make a pecan pie, and he also read a cool book about space.

Have you ever seen a bird read a book or play the trumpet? hmmm, there’s that big word again. Anthropomorphism.

We at Family Roberto have a vision. We pride ourselves in creating wholesome content for kids. Entertaining children while also learning something is our idea of fun! Our creative team consists of musicians, writers, editors, animators, and parents. We understand that it’s important to learn something every day. If it’s learning the meaning of a word one day, that’s learning. We think that’s kinda cool. We also love music, especially this special Alien dance song featured in this short episode, “Let’s Go To Mars.”

You can see it right here on YouTube, and it’s FREE. Fun times are in this short film as the friends decide they will use their imaginations and go to Mars. That’s right! We are talking about Mars, the planet.

Freddy the frog knows all about the planets. He proudly announces

“We’ve got Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and the sun”!

The friends arrive on Mars to look for aliens. They pass by a Ferris wheel and a pizza oven; This alien song is entertaining as the friends dance on the planet.

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